Outdoor Games for Kids

Outdoor Activities for Kids
Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Nature is a better choice for outdoor activities for kids. For your children to make the most of the garden, it is better to create spaces that give them the opportunity to have a good

Outdoor Activities for Kids
Outdoor Activities for Kids

time. Activities like games, gardening, acrobatics or blessings, here are some ideas to create spaces for them.

A playground for children

What if we took inspiration from a kindergarten playground to create a perfect space for exploration? Hopscotch is drawn on the ground, a circuit for small cars materialized in the

grass, tables at their height to the garden, play or tinker.

There are even buckets hung to store toys and a bucket as a basketball hoop. Against the barrier, there is even a blackboard to indicate the weather of the day. Promised, with such

a garden, children will not miss activities.

Outdoor Activities for Kids
Outdoor Activities for Kids

Home-made wooden signboards

When the garden looks like a treasure hunt, everything is funnier. In a large garden where each area is dedicated to a function, it is easy to create a circuit with wooden signboards.

You can even make them with children during a creative workshop. And if they still have the inventiveness, you can offer them to decorate the trees: with for example some

mandalas with chalk on the trunks or better yet the hook to “dress” them for the winter.

A greenhouse or henhouse as a point of attraction

The garden is an endless exploration ground for children. And if you have a greenhouse, it’s even better. It looks like a hut, it is sweet and there are always exciting things: tomatoes,

salads, strawberries or melon, it’s up to you to plant their favorite flavors.
The other favorite point of attraction for children in the garden is, of course, the hen house.

First, there is the daily egg hunt, with a nice basket. And sometimes, chickens let themselves be approached to become real pets for children. An unforgettable experience.

A hammock hanging to swing

You really want your children to have fun but you prefer when the decor is not too childish? In this carport built as an outdoor lounge, we have reserved a place of choice at Cacoon,

the hanging hammock that looks like a cabin. Children can climb to take a nap, swing gently, flip through books while not too far from the big ones.

A good idea when the evening is prolonged and the children must start to rest.
A progressive playground for children

Outdoor Activities for Kids
Outdoor Activities for Kids

The swing and the toboggan are good. The evolutionary playground is better. Designed to meet the needs of children of every age, this collection of children’s games can be

modulated as children grow up. After the toboggan, we go climbing. After the climb, we hang to do acrobatics. At each age his pleasures and his specific activities.

And for you, it’s a single installation of the structure and simple modifications when your children reach a plateau.

A Mini Garden to their size for their First Harvest

This one is a very useful and fun outdoor activity for kids…a mini garden!
All pedagogies have shown interest in learning to have furniture and accessories to the size

of children. For the vegetable garden, it’s the same thing. A square just for them, with

some tools adapted to their hand (shovel, rake, small gloves and even why not the boots and the apron to make all the panoply).

In the garden, you can plant things they like (cherry tomatoes, strawberries …), sensory plants such as aromatic plants or those that are fun to touch (like the sensation that closes

when you stroke it) or plants which grow fast (some beans, zucchini). The gardening session will become a firework of sensations.

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