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Outdoor Seating…porch furniture

The sunny days come and the terrace becomes the most pleasant room of the house! Garden furniture also has a new look: new materials, new materials, and new lines!

How to make a choice? Here are a few tips

There are several types of outdoor sitting available today.

Braided resin

The furniture in synthetic rattan or woven resin looks similar to rattan. The proposed lines are multiple and can satisfy the most diverse tastes.

–       Advantage: Lightweight and very easy to maintain.

–       Disadvantage: The high price for a piece of furniture of quality, a range of restricted colors

–       How to choose: A good quality synthetic resin must have a natural look and feel, resist UV, and do not fear high temperatures. So to recognize a resin of quality, we advise

you to choose a resin with a thick and hard braiding which does not deform when one sits on it or when one presses a finger. Their only disadvantage is their price which remains quite high but it is an investment in the long-term.


The aluminum furniture is suitable for projects with a design tendency where the purity and sobriety of the lines are first and foremost sought after. This material is often associated with glass, wood or outdoor textile

–       Advantage: Lightweight, easy maintenance

–       Disadvantage: Furniture often high-end

–       How to choose: This material is available in several qualities on the market. Always ask what is the thickness of the aluminum used, knowing that the thicker the tubes are,

the stronger and stronger the product. The thickness of a quality product is between 1.6 and 2 mm but the majority of the products are on average 1.2 mm.

Exotic wood

The exotic wood furniture always has the coast because it brings to the gardens and terrace a natural and warm touch undeniable, which is associated with all types of projects.

–       Advantage: resistant to the weather especially exotic woods, light handling and enjoy a long life, at all prices depending on the wood species and the quality of finishes.

–       Disadvantage: Once your exotic wood furniture will face the pangs of rain, they will take a silvery gray hue and lose their honey color. Two solutions: either you appreciate this

aged appearance and at that moment, you leave it, or you prefer that they keep their original color and you maintain them every year with oil for outdoor furniture … However, even if they lose their color, they do not lose their resistance to the weather.

–       How to Choose You must ensure that the wood furniture that you buy come from the sustainably managed forest, whose operation preserves its biodiversity and its ability to

régénération. Le FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) ensures management sustainable forests.

Wrought iron

The wrought iron garden furniture gives a touch of charm. If they are associated with Moroccan zelliges, you bring an oriental touch.

–       Advantage: The wrought iron furniture has the advantage of being timeless, it spends the seasons and remains very trendy. Thick cushions add comfort to chairs and change

color at a lower cost. When it is treated anticorrosion, the wrought iron spends the years unhindered and weatherproof. Side maintenance, a blow of sponge enough to remove the dust.

–       Disadvantage: their weight makes handling difficult. For appearance without the weight, opt for aluminum furniture with an aged wrought iron appearance. Uncomfortable if you do not add cushions, which significantly increases the price

The colored polyethylene furniture in the mass

Trendy shapes and bright colors for furniture that can go from the inside to the outside and that personalizes with humor and style your terrace. Adopt the lounge attitude!

–       Advantage: Lightweight, highly resistant to weather and shock, easy maintenance. Very design shapes that can find their place in the living room during the winter. Chairs are often stackable. A beautiful color range

–       Disadvantage: Some models are very bulky. A rather high price range because the most interesting models are marketed by major brands.

–       How to choose: For outdoor use, the polyethylene must be medium or high density, dyed in mass and UV resistant. Some models are equipped with a gutter for the evacuation of rainwater.

In a pleasant garden, the terrace holds an important place. Practice it is the place where we will meet to eat, to rest, to play … To make it cozy and practical passes by some tricks and accessories.

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