What to look for in hiking pants

Hiking Pants
Hiking Pants

Tips On Choosing Hiking Pants

What to look for in hiking pants

Hiking can be extremely uncomfortable and difficult unless you have the proper equipment with you – this does not involve only the hiking boots, but also the hiking pants, which offer you flexibility, as well as comfort and protection.

The best hiking pants may be difficult to find, particularly because there are plenty of options out there, coming in various colors, patterns, fabrics, and sizes. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice and get the hiking pants you actually need.


Women’s hiking pants should always be comfortable, so that you can move freely, without feeling unpleasant on the way. Given the fact that hiking pants should be very resistant and have a superior quality, opt for an expensive item, to make sure that you will not encounter an unpleasant event meanwhile. Choose a light color, especially if the weather is hot, as they will not keep the warmth inside and you will feel significantly comfortable while hiking. Bear in mind that hiking pants should cost you between $40 and $100, so go for whatever is in the middle.


As for the fabrics, cotton is preferred when it comes to hiking pants, primarily because it conveys breathability and offers comfort to the wearer. If you do not like cotton, linen is a good alternative, but you should go for a fabric you are not allergic to, in order to avoid allergic reactions.

The labels of the items you plan to buy should contain all the details you need to know about it, including its fabric, so make sure to double-check it before making a choice.

Men’s hiking pants can be found in numerous online sports and are more popular than women’s, especially because men are used to wearing such pants more than women. The same rules apply here as well – the hiking pants you opt for should be comfortable, to allow you to move as desired.

A good option for both men’s and women’s hiking pants is shopping in a reputable store that provides specifically sportive equipment, as this will ensure you of a great quality, as well as any other feature you may need for your overall hiking experience.

Stores like Columbia Sportswear constitute an excellent option, especially because you are very likely to find exactly the products you need for all your purposes. However, you should know that the prices will invariably go higher this way, so you will pay something between $70 and $100 for sure.

Everyday Wear

Hiking pants are also a great garment to wear every day, especially if you want to feel very comfortable and you are sick of wearing skinny jeans. These pants will offer you the opportunity to help your skin breathe better than before, improving blood circulation at the same time.

Stores like Amazon retail many excellent items you can choose from, manufactured by a wide variety of producers and having a wide price range to fit your budget. Just go for the item that fits your body best and avoid spending more than you can really afford.

Types of Hiking Pants

Finding the right hiking pants requires time, effort, an adequate budget, and information.

Apart from the place you can get them from (as mentioned in our other article targeting this aspect), you have to keep an eye on the various types of hiking pants available in stores, which will have a substantial impact over your overall hiking experience.

Here are all four types of hiking pants, to help you choose the right pair for any purpose.


  1. Short And Long Thermal Hiking Pants


Thermal hiking pants are essential if you plan to go hiking in humid environments.

Not only do they keep moisture away from your skin, but they also maintain your legs perfectly warm due to the first padding layer they include within their constructions.

Available in both boxer-short and full length, thermal hiking pants are one of the primary types of hiking pants you need for a great hiking experience.

  1. Hiking Shorts

Hiking shorts are ideal during summertime when hot temperatures exceed normal limits.

Apart from offering you comfort and free movements, they are also appropriate if you intend to climb mountains or walk endless miles.

Most stores that retail sportswear should offer you good shorts for your hiking experience, so simply choose the pair that complies with your needs accordingly.

  1. Long Hiking Pants


Long hiking pants are, of course, one of the most common types of hiking pants available in stores.

Coming in various sizes, fabrics, and colors, these pants provide resistance to many extreme environmental conditions, including wind and water.

Moreover, long hiking pants offer the same three layers of comfortable fabric in one thin layer, to enhance your experience and prevent you from feeling unpleasant during your hiking experience.

  1. Expedition Pants

It is needless to say that expedition pants, commonly known as mountaineering pants, are specifically created for the most extreme environmental conditions.

As for the materials, these pants can easily resemble sleeping bags, offering great padding and comfort to the wearer

In addition, they come with a baffle system to ensure equal insulation – you can climb on Everest with these pants, as they are one of the most loved types of hiking pants you will find in stores.

These are the most common hiking pants you can possibly opt for. Knowing their purposes can help you decide which ones are most suited per your requirements – and once you find them, your hiking experience will become simply unforgettable.

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