10 Tips for Hiking with Kids.

Hiking with Kids
Hiking with Kids

10 tips for hiking with kids.

1. Bring a backpack or camelback:

In this site, we will be reviewing the best backpack for kids. This is essential for carrying water and snacks but will also be used to carry out any wonderful treasures your kids find.

2. Bring Plenty of water and snacks:

Bring excess water, it is always better to have more water than not enough. I would also recommend having at least 1 of those water bottles being filtered, just in case you do run out. Trail mix, fruit, and peanut butter sandwiches will give your kids the energy and protein they need.

3. Have the correct footwear:

Nothing is more miserable than not having the correct hiking boots for kids, we will be reviewing hiking boots for kids in this site. Just keep in mind if you are going to be walking near mud or water for the correct footwear. I always pack 2 pairs of shoes for the kids and leave one of them in the car.


4. Wear the correct clothing, pack layers:

Even though it may be the middle of the summer and 90 degrees in the valley if you are planning a rate hike in the mountains the weather can change drastically. Always have long sleeve t’s or sweatshirts, you never know when a little rain will come up or you are longer than expected and the temperature starts to drop. Be sure to bring sunscreen and hats, after a long hike in the sun your kids will be grateful for some relief from Mr. sun.

5. Bring a camera:

There are hundreds of good photo opportunities each time you go hiking with your kids, make sure you capture those moments on film so you will have them forever. Your kids, as well as yourself, will love to go back and visit these wonderful memories.

6. Check the weather:

Be sure to check the weather so you know how to pack for your kids, even a slight chance of clouds can bring a rainstorm and without the proper attire what was supposed to be fun family hiking could turn miserable in minutes.

7. Create a scavenger hunt for your kids:

Make a game for your kids, there are so many things to look for while hiking, from certain plants to ferns, fallen trees, animals. Be creative and make sure you have a prize for the winning youngster. Within this site, we will have printable scavenger cards for your kids.

8. Find a hiking stick:

One of the first things we look for as we set off on the trail is to find a good hiking stick, this will not only act as a scavenger item it will help your little ones as they trudge up the hill. Depending on how often you go hiking you may want to invest in a manufactured walking stick or some telescopic ski poles

9. Backpack essentials:

A few things I always have in my backpack is a first aid kit, a utility knife, matches, compass, and a few flashlights. This may seem over the top but I would rather be prepared in case anything happens. In my years of hiking with my family and kids, I have had to use each one of these on occasion

10. Have fun:

Most importantly have fun, spend quality time with your kids they will appreciate it. some of the best conversations I have had are when I have been hiking with my children. These are experiences that your children will remember for the rest of their lives.