How To Work The Upper Body Outside

upper body workout
upper body workout

Upper body workout

How To Work The Upper Body Outside

In the summer months, it’s not very enjoyable to be stuck indoors in a stuffy gym or sports hall, when you could be outside in the fresh air. That said, there are many more sports that you can so outside that give the lower body a good work out, but not many that focus on the upper body. You could just throw a ball about a bit or stick to push-ups to help work the upper body, but let us take a look at real sports that work really well?



A great number of boating sports like canoeing, rowing, and especially kayaking focus a great deal on working the upper body. The arms and shoulders provide the vast majority of the movement, but the upper torso is also called upon lots to stabilize the body. The most attractive part of kayaking though has to be the ability to stop paddling and just bob about for a bit when you get fatigued. If you don’t like getting wet though, this might not be the sport for you.



If you are looking for a sport that works every muscle in the body then rocking climbing is the one for you. That said, your legs are not actually worked as much as you might think as a lot of the grip comes from special sticky slim line shoes that look like cycling shoes. However, the arms are responsible for a substantial amount of work when climbing. You are frequently required to support your whole body weight with your arms and grip with your fingers, which is enough to get even the weakest person toned up.


Hand Bikes.

More people ride bikes outside than take part in any other sporting activity. Having said this, cycling is more of a leg sport than an arm workout. Handbikes, however, such as Pinarello ones are geared in such a way that you can pick up some great speed just by turning your arms. They are often used by those who cannot use their legs, so they have been designed with usability and endurance in mind.